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Are you allowed to work in Belgium? Work Permits explained.

EU and Swiss Nationals are free to live and work in Belgium as in all of the EU, Non-EU Nationals require a work permit. The options are as follows:

Work Permit type A – This is valid for all salaried professions and has an unlimited time period

Work Permit type B – This is only valid for a year and it ties the holder to the specific employer set out on the permit

Work Permit type C – This is valid for all salaried professions and employers but is valid only for a year, it must then be renewed.

To apply for a permit people must use the application forms found at regional employment agencies: https://www.leforem.be/ , http://www.actiris.be/ , http://www.vdab.be/english/

For more information about applying for a work permit please visit the website of the FPS - http://www.emploi.belgique.be/defaultTab.aspx?id=4888#AutoAncher2
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