Working and Employment opportunities in Belgium

Home to 11 million people, Belgium hosts the headquarters of the EU as well as NATO, its fantastic transport links, built up over the last 150 years has positioned this small ‘Low Country’ at the heart of Europe.
Its major industry is, unsurprisingly given its superior transport links, Logistics and Distribution, but it also has strong Chemical and Pharmaceutical sectors as well. Its primary role is not raw materials but the processing of said materials, adding value at each stage and then exportation to the rest of Europe and the World.
Life Sciences are particularly strong, the Belgians have an unrivalled expertise in bio-technology, with huge companies such as Glaxo and Novartis based here. They are also heavily involved in food processing, which is second only to chemical processing in terms of importance to the economy.

ICT firms in Belgium have positioned themselves as European and World leaders in their fields, and early adoption of fibre optic broadband has allowed innovative companies to flourish, Google, Microsoft and Systemat all have offices in the country. High-end tech has also meant a growing Aeronautics sector and the country has no less than 7 Nuclear Power Stations for production of domestic electricity, alongside a mature Renewable Energy industry.

Belgium is a great place to come and work; if your skills are in ICT, Sciences or Engineering you should have no problem finding work in one of the many industries that recruit from these areas. However we must also remember the sheer numbers of people employed by the EU headquarters not to mention the fact that over 65% of the GDP is made up from services. For example Arts and Culture are a growing sector here, as is Fashion, Textiles and Design, and the world-renowned Diamond industry consists of over 1500 firms with Antwerp as the undisputed global hub of this glittering trade.
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